Bike to School Day

Bike to School Day is a yearly event to celebrate the school commute and encourage more families to safely try out riding to school on one day each spring. On the morning of the ride, the staff of the Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority will go around to the Howell Public Schools and count the number of bikes to see who wins the 2015 Bike to School Award!  Don’t forget to wear a helmet! Click here for more information.


Are you curious about the great game of chess, or a beginner who wants to brush up on your game?  Our Livingston County Chess Club experts are here to help you. Each session consists of 4 classes and each class will focus on things such as how to read a chess board, the object of the game, tactics, strategies and studying. Click here for more information.

Guppy Ball - Kid's Water Polo

Join us at the Howell Area Aquatic & Fitness Center for a special version of Water Polo for kids 5-18 years old! In this version of the game, the rules have been modified to allow for a fun and safe environment for new water polo players.  Games will be played in the shallow end of the pool for the younger kids and deep water for older kids.  It's sure to be a blast! Click here for more information.