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These classes are hands on, praise-reward programs based on gentle pack leadership skills and mutual respect.  At all levels of training, confidence and bond building are emphasized.  No clickers or electronics are used or allowed!  All classes are limited in space; please register early on to avoid disappointment.  

A copy of your pet’s health record for the teacher’s file and the Trainer Information Insurance Waiver form from the RDT website:

Results Puppy class!
(10 weeks-6 months)

This is a fun class with structure and a great way to start introducing age-appropriate obedience such as sit, down, off, come, and more!  Dealing with sass and nipping, retrieving basics, and learning games will all be covered.  It’s on-leash socializing that includes you, not a wild puppy party!  This is a hands-on class, you must be able to reach your puppy for best Results.  Treats are not used for obedience commands, only for puppy leash training, house training, and just because! 
Site: Bennett Recreation Center, 925 W. Grand River Ave.
Cost: $98 Resident / $103 Howell Twp. / $108 Non-Resident

Mondays, April 17th-May 15th
Orientation Day - 4/17        6:30pm-8:30pm (no dogs)
All Other Classes                 6:00pm-6:50pm
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*No Class 2/20

Results Obedience & Manners - Level One (6 months-8 years)

Getting sass?  Shy pet?  Register for this class and relax!  This is an excellent on-leash structured program with respect to drives.  This class uses the praise-reward method. There are no treats, clickers, or electronics!  Lessons introduced include sit, down, steady, come, stay, leave-it, figure 8’s and more.
Site: Bennett Recreation Center, 925 W. Grand River Ave.
Cost: $148 Resident / $153 Howell Twp. / $158 Non-Resident

Mondays, April 17th-May 22nd
Orientation - 4/17        6:30pm-8:30pm (no dogs)
All Other classes          7:00pm-7:50pm
(This class is now full.  Call 517-546-0693 to be added to our waitlist).
*No Class 2/20

Results Obedience & Manners - Level Two

Distractions and training floor activity increases.  Long lines are added for stays and comes as dogs are ready. Whistle and hand signals, park-its, figure 8’s, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog practice if location allows.  Great refresher for previous Results O&M - Level Two graduates.  Bring pets, mat, health updates and RDT folder to first class!  This class does not have an orientation.

Pre-requisite: Results Obedience & Manners Level One within three months following graduation and/or instructor permission.


Mondays, April 24th-May 22nd
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